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The QTI Animal Health & Nutrition division specializes in offering natural products with proven results to commercial livestock producers and feed/nutrition companies in North America. QTI tests and develops proprietary products that can enhance animal performance when used in combination with AGPs (antibiotic growth promoters) or without. Our main products include CALSPORIN®, Finelact™, IMW50™, EnteroBac™, Refresh™, and Qessentials™, the innovative line of premixed blends of different QTI exclusive natural products. Whether you are looking for products that improve feed conversion and average daily gain, or wanting to reduce the impact of harmful bacteria and mycotoxins, or simply trying to tune up your poultry and swine's immune systems, QTI Animal Health has a product that can help you reach your goals.


We are more than happy to present case studies to qualified organizations on how these products work within the poultry and swine industries. Call to find out how your operation can be included in an upcoming study.

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