Fractionation and Co-Products

Value-Added Co-Products


With new proprietary and patented technologies in grain ethanol fractionation, QTI is leading the way for added value and profits. QTI's fractionation technologies allow the corn kernel to be separated into components (fractions) with different nutritional values and functions.


Our Germ Wet Milling™ system optimizes and utilizes the best of dry milling and wet milling systems to remove non-fermentables at the beginning of the process, thereby creating more profits and efficiencies for the ethanol producer.


By removing the gem and bran early in the process, these products are food ready.


Applications can be used in other industries as well. With QTI's year in marketing, we can help suppliers and end-users connect. If you have a production facility that distills or uses grains, or are buyer of high quality food and/or feed ingredients, contact QTI to learn more.

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