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IMW50® is a prebiotic additive available exclusively from QTI in North America. IMW50®’s alcohol fermentation is one reason it has distinct advantages over other MOS yeast cell wall products:


  • Heat stable, long shelf life
  • Acid pH
  • Mature cells
  • Low fat product
  • Indigestible cell wall (resistant in the intestinal tract)


This all adds up to a higher concentration of functional carbohydrates, making IMW50® one of the top (if not the top) MOS product on the market today.


IMW50® has been tested and approved for poultry, swine, cattle, aquaculture and pets. For poultry operations, studies show reductions in Salmonella and E. coli.  Ask to see our agglutination and mycotoxin binding tests.


Also ask about Qessentials™ BacPack™, stacking CALSPORIN® and IMW50 into one convenient package.


Learn more about IMW50® with this infographic.



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