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25 years of helping livestock producers with ABF solutions

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New Products

Quality Technology International

Quality Technology International, Inc., provides natural products for improved production performance, return-on-investment and food safety to help conventional, antibiotic free and organic producers raise healthier poultry and livestock.

This new proprietary portfolio of Bacillus-based animal health products is proven through independent research to be more effective. Driven by QTI’s proprietary research and testing laboratory, each product has been evaluated by multiple independent research centers across the United States.

QTI is unique for the degree of technical support it provides via staff microbiologists, nutritionists and veterinarians.

Based in Elgin, IL, QTI has been a trusted leader in new antibiotic free (ABF) intestinal health products and solutions for more than two decades.

Learn About Our New Products

QTI Q-Biotic® 1CP Animation

QTI’s new Q-Biotic® 1CP direct-fed microbial features a proprietary strain of Bacillus subtilis for animal health and food safety.

QTI Q-Biotic® 3CP Animation

QTI’s new Q-Biotic® 3CP probiotics are designed for more challenging situations.